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About this project

This is the online version of fortune cookies. Each user receives 4 fortune cookies at random. He may break one or all four cookies.

The best way is to go to the site every day in the morning and break one cookie to get a prediction that will determine the current day.

Thousands of predictions are waiting for you.

Fortune phrases for example

Your determination will bring you success.

Good fortune awaits those who persevere.

Your resilience empowers you to overcome any adversity.

Believe in your abilities and talents.

Fortune Cookie

What is "Fortune Cookie"?

Fortune cookies, also known as Chinese fortune cookies, are a delicacy from Chinese cuisine consisting of a small, crispy cookie containing a folded piece of paper containing wise, inspiring, or mysterious phrases known as "fortunes". These phrases often contain short messages of comfort, wisdom, or predictions for the future.

Fortune cookies are often served in Chinese restaurants at the end of meals or along with ordered dishes.